GPS Tracking – Share Current Location

One way you can help us get to you quicker is by providing us with the GPS tracking location of where you are!

iPhone Users

There are several ways to tell us where you are. If you are an iPhone user simply open up maps or google maps (if installed) .

Tap Locator Dot

Look for the locator dot –> tap right on top of the locator dot until “share my location” appears.

Locator dot - find my location using GPS Tracking

Then click share location and choose message. –> Enter the following number 210-236-1999. And press send!

GPS Tracking Shareable Location

Click on Share my location

Android Users

Share your GPS location with Messenger (SMS)

Location data can be easily shared using the stock Android messaging service too. Once again, go to the conversation within which you wish to share your whereabouts, hit the “paper clip” icon and tap location. You can then hit the GPS button to locate where you are automatically. When you hit “send” the recipient will receive the Google Maps ID for you are.

Use Messeges to send text
Sending your location is easy even in the standard messaging app. / © AndroidPIT

**Please know that you will need to have location services enabled on your phone or computer.

Still have questions feel free to contact us!

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